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Who we are:

United 2 One, LLC was created to exponentially increase public awareness and funding in the fight against one of the most horrific travesties against humankind, which is HUMAN TRAFFICKING (children, women, and men are bought and sold in an industry of forced labor, organ harvesting, forced prostitution and child sex-trafficking).  The people behind United 2 One are simply like-minded individuals who believe that the rights and freedoms of every human matters. We have gathered our resources, our talents, and our professional experience to create an organization in which we intend to make a major impact in what is essentially a “war” on basic human rights.

United 2 One was born out of the awareness that human trafficking is a $150.2B industry (as of 2021) and will soon surpass the revenue of illegal drugs and illegal weapons.  Awareness of these shocking facts then led us to the realization that there are many resourceful organizations that are diligently working to rescue those who’ve been taken and trafficked; many of these organizations are also creating and managing programs which ensure that victims receive the aftercare they so desperately need. This knowledge also led us to an understanding of the significant monetary output that’s required of these organizations to fund rescue missions, as well as aftercare.  Of all the organizations we found which were extensively involved in the fight against human trafficking, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) stood out most significantly to us; therefore, we chose O.U.R. to be the recipient of the funding we generate through the marketing efforts of United 2 One, in conjunction with our partnership with the international, multifaceted banking platform, OGPay.

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What we do

The United 2 One team engages the local community through public presentations, as well as involvement in volunteer opportunities which support O.U.R. events in our team members’ respective locations.  We work with churches, civic organizations, businesses and social media influencers to keep them informed as a way to help them spread the truth about human trafficking. We also encourage them to share with their colleagues, their sphere of influence and their social media followers, the benefits of using the United 2 One platform as a vehicle for making donations to O.U.R.  Very important to the success of our mission, and an integral part of the United 2 One system is the Referral Agent Program.  Anyone who shares the United 2 One vision, and supports our mission, can become an Referral Agent (RA).  As such, an RA can become a powerhouse of communication pertaining to facts surrounding human trafficking, and they have the opportunity to create a flow of consistent and significant funding to aide O.U.R. Through the Referral Agent Program, an RA can also be compensated for their willingness to get off the bench, and get in the fight against human trafficking.  For more information on the Referral Agent Program, click here. 


We thank you for your interest in United 2 One and our mission.  We welcome your inquiries and we would certainly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the opportunity for your business, your civic organization or your church to  become an advocate for the victims of human trafficking. If you’re a social media influencer and have interest in sharing the facts and increasing awareness about human trafficking among your followers, we can help you as well. 


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