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Social Media Influencers, Civic Organizations, Churches, and Corporations can get off the bench and get involved!

If you’re here, you probably know the horrific truth and statistics about human trafficking and child sex trafficking, and you’re probably asking yourself what more you can do. You may have marched with signs to raise awareness, or you may have shared articles and news stories on social media, and you may have likely even donated to one or more organizations involved in the fight……but YOU know this fight is going to take more, much more.

United 2 One, in partnership with the international banking platform OGPay, offers a way for you to make a major impact and be part of the solution to the extent you’ve never thought possible, while at the same time receiving compensation for raising awareness and driving consistent funding to Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) As an organization that’s part of the United 2 One program, we’ll help pave the way for you to share the facts, the stories, and the truth about this 150.2-billion-dollar industry, generating an arsenal for Operation Underground Railroad to fight fire with fire! 

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How it Works

United 2 One is teaming up with social media influencers, civic organizations, churches, and corporations that are passionate about raising awareness and increasing funding to O.U.R. in their fight against human trafficking. We simply ask that all organizations highlight the topic of human trafficking in podcasts, social media, blogs, etc. as often as appropriate, stating only the facts. We also ask that you share the accomplishments and news about ongoing efforts of O.U.R. in their fight against human trafficking and child sex trafficking. 

 A unique link will be generated and assigned by OGPay for each organization. “Followers” will be directed to registration on the OGPay site, and users can begin using their OGPay ewallet almost immediately. The organization will receive 10% of proceeds generated for O.U.R. through their unique link.   (United 2 One will provide all the talking points needed to create an interesting and educational segment or presentation pertaining to human trafficking, O.U.R. and OGPay.) 

Why should you support Operation Underground Railroad through United 2 One?

As a Social Media Influencer, Civic Organization, Church, or Corporation, supporting O.U.R. through United 2 One (and the OGPay platform) is a unique way to drive ongoing funding to O.U.R.  We have many organizations which have shared with us, that because of the 10% compensation, they are now able to support even more charitable organizations consistently; some organizations are even using the compensation to further assist in funding Operation Underground Railroad. 

The United 2 One team has one primary goal…..increasing funding to O.U.R. by increasing awareness by those, like yourself, who know the truth about one of the most horrific crimes against humanity in the modern world.  When you support O.U.R. through United 2 One, directing “followers” to your unique link, you help United 2 One keep our mission going, so that we can help O.U.R. save the lives of children, women, and men from a “hell on earth” existence in slavery. 

For more information, and to be contacted by someone from United 2 One, click here. 


You CAN help!

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