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Dear friend, if you’re here, you probably know the horrific truth and statistics about human trafficking and child sex trafficking, and you’re probably asking yourself what more you can do. You’ve marched with signs to raise awareness, you’ve shared articles and news stories on social media, and you’ve likely even donated to one or more organizations involved in the fight……but YOU know this fight is going to take more, much more.


United 2 One, in partnership with the international banking platform OGPay, offers a way for you to make a major impact and be part of the solution to the extent you’ve never thought possible, while at the same time receiving compensation for raising awareness and driving consistent funding to Operation Underground Railroad.  (See funding disbursement flow chart for more info).  The Referral Agent Program at United 2 One will pave the way for you to share the facts, the stories, and the truth about this 150.2-billion-dollar industry, and, it will generate an arsenal for Operation Underground Railroad to fight fire with fire!


By simply introducing the United 2 One staff to your church leaders, your civic organizations, your company, or social media influencers in your circle, you can help generate millions of dollars in donations for Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). We’ll provide the training so that you have all of the information you need to spur interest within your organization (or to a social media influencer) on how they can get on board.  Then, the United 2 One team will make a “formal” presentation to your group to help them understand the relationship and synergy between United 2 One and the OGPay banking platform; we’ll explain how we all work together to drive funding to OUR so that OUR can fight the good fight, as well as provide complete aftercare for victims of trafficking.  As a Referral Agent, YOU can help us extend and strengthen the reach of the message and the mission of United 2 One and Operation Underground Railroad  (An overview / FAQs for the Referral Agent Program follows).

Referral Agent Program FAQs


What Is a Referral Agent (RA)?

An RA is simply a “connector”, connecting Social Media Influencers (SMI), churches, civic organizations, or businesses to the United 2 One corporate team.    


What is the role of an RA?

An RA will identify potential organizations, such as churches, civic groups, businesses, etc., or possibly Social Media Influencers (SMI) which they believe are aligned with our mission. They will open a dialogue to gauge the interest level of the organization.         The RA will provide a brief overview of the United 2 One / Operation Underground Railroad mission in order to spur interest in learning more.

      1. If the organization is interested in learning more, the RA will then hand off the contact to United 2 One.
      2. United 2 One will make contact with the organization or SMI to make a formal presentation.
      3. If the organization or SMI chooses to move forward, all onboarding procedures will be managed by United 2 One.
      4. It is the responsibility of the RA to stay in contact with the organization on consistent basis after they are onboarded with United 2 One.
      5. Ongoing training for RAs will be provided and is highly recommended.


How will an RA be compensated?

a. 2% of all donations received through the assigned account will be paid to the RA    who makes the “connection” (introduction/presentation appt.) of United 2 One to the organization or SMI.

      b.  1% will be paid to the RA who acts as intermediary between United 2 One and the RA whom is the “connection” to the organization or SMI. (In some scenarios, there will only be one RA /no intermediary; if so, the referral commission will be 2%)

      c.  If there are more than two referral agents involved in the acquisition of an organization or SMI, the referral fee splits remain the same, for a total of 3%. Any negotiations for splits that involve more than two referral agents will be resolved between the parties.  United 2 One holds no responsibility or liability for referral fees beyond the commissions described above. *Please see RA contract for more details.

     d.   All RAs will have an OGPay account/eWallet in order to be paid any commissions.  It will be an RA’s responsibility to register for their OGPay eWallet.

      e.   Commissions will be paid to any RA assigned to an account as long as  the account is  active.